Cecilia White

Cecilia White


Cecilia White is an interdisciplinary artist, poet, PhD researcher and tutor at CoFA, UNSW.

She is creator and director of ‘the breathing space projects’, widely performed in Australia and internationally, engaging multi-lingual text, body, improvised and traditional sound and a range of visual installations. These projects embody part of her current PhD research at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney begun in 2010.

Cecilia has exhibited, performed and studied in Australia, Europe, Asia and the UK.

The brief: Cecilia wanted a website to showcase her artwork and performances across multiple mediums – photography and visual art; performance; and audio – among others.

The website needed to demonstrate her PhD research, list her professional CV, and publish her work to an international audience of galleries and academics.

She wanted a clean, simple design that would let her own amazing artwork speak for itself.

Cecilia is a prolific artists. The website needed to grow as her body of work continued to grow.

Since publishing the website, she has been invited to perform at several exhibitions internationally.