Super Cellars Tighes Hill

Super Cellars Tighes Hill


Super Cellars at Tighes Hill are an established business, with healthy sales figures. However, in a highly competitive industry, they wanted an edge in their product offerings and marketing strategy.

They were looking to expand into selling micro-brewery craft beers on tap – “growlers” – soon to take bottle shops by storm. The taps change on a regular basis, with new images and tasting notes each time.

The owner, Robert, knew he needed a website, but needed regular updates as the content and specials changed, and wanted something that fitted the cash-flow of his business.

He was also aware of the power of social media as a marketing tool, but didn’t want to get stuck in the nitty gritty of maintaining a facebook page for the business. He didn’t want his staff distracted with this task either.

Within a week of our meeting, his new website was launched, showing off the new “growler” craft beers. Ever since, he simply emails updates as required, and we keep the website fresh.

The Facebook page has scored over 400 likes in four months with an average monthly reach of 7500+ customers. Highly targeted Facebook posts are published, with most reaching between 1,000 and 10,000 people. These areĀ all real, local customers that want to hear about the shop and are engaged in conversation about the products.

The two tools, website and facebook, work seamlessly together as one integrated marketing strategy. Promotions can appear on both, and each points customers to the other.