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Your business needs a website.


Customers use the internet as their primary way to:

  • find local businesses
  • find solutions to their problems
  • research new products
  • compare competitors
  • make purchases at their own pace
  • follow up from other advertising, such as radio, newspapers, mail and television.


The old-fashioned approach


Website projects usually cost a lot of time and money.

Most websites take several months to make, and cost thousands of dollars. Web developers usually quote one huge flat fee, and don’t stick around once the website is built to make it work as a marketing tool.


Now what?! Why aren’t the phones ringing?


Technology moves too rapidly. By the time that website launches, it is outdated.
Now we have smart phones; iPads; smart TV; GPS advertising; facebook; twitter; instagram; QR codes; touch screens.

The world wide web is only twenty years old. Things are getting complex, fast.

At tecset, we understand that a website is always under construction. As your business grows, and new technology arrives, your website needs to keep up and communicate what you are doing now.


A new, cash-flow friendly business model


All websites include ongoing expenses. Even after you pay that big outlay to the designer, you’ll need to stay on top of hosting and domain name costs, and pay a developer to make changes as your business evolves.

Most business expenses occur monthly. Things like rent, insurance and utilities are all handled on a month to month basis because that works better for your cash-flow.


A website is a constant business tool – why should it work differently?


Tecset offer all of your online services, including the initial website design, as monthly services. You can get up and running, and talk to your customers, in the first month of operating.

And that’s just the beginning! As your business and customer base grows, you can scale your website and online marketing on a month-to-month basis, and integrate things like email leads collection and facebook marketing – all through one account.


We manage things for you as an ongoing marketing solution. Simple.


Don’t embarrass yourself with a dinosaur website.

Let us take care of your website, so you can get on with the real challenge of growing a successful business.


Get started now! Tell us what you need.